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The World's Tallest buildings [min.183m] in 1960
by Paul Kazmierczak and Egbert Gramsbergen

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color codes: built, under construction
 = 200m
1Empire State BuildingNew York CityUSA381m / 1250ft1021931
2Crysler BuildingNew York CityUSA319m / 1046ft771930
3American Int'l BuildingNew York CityUSA290m / 952ft671932
4The Trump BuildingNew York CityUSA283m / 927ft711930
5GE BuildingNew York CityUSA259m / 850ft691933
One Chase Manhattan PlazaNew York CityUSA248m / 813ft601961
Metlife BuildingNew York CityUSA246m / 808ft601963
6Woolworth BuildingNew York CityUSA241m / 792ft571913
7Moscow State UniversityMoscowRussia240m / 787ft361953
8Palace of Culture and ScienceWarsaw Poland231m / 757ft421955
Prudential TowerBostonUSA229m / 750ft521962
920 Exchange PlazaNew York CityUSA226m / 741ft571931
10Terminal TowerClevelandUSA216m / 708ft521930
11JP Morgan Chase World HeadquartersNew York CityUSA215m / 707ft521960
12Metropolitan Life TowerNew York CityUSA213m / 700ft501909
13500 5th AvenueNew York CityUSA212m / 697ft601931
277 Park Avenue New York CityUSA209m / 687ft501962
14Lincoln BuildingNew York CityUSA205m / 673ft531930
15Bank of New York BuildingNew York CityUSA199m / 654ft501931
16Hotel UkrineMoscowRussia198m / 650ft341955
17Chanin BuildingNew York CityUSA198m / 649ft561930
18570 Lexington AvenueNew York CityUSA195m / 640ft501931
19Waldorf=AstoriaNew York CityUSA191m / 625ft471931
20Mercantile BuildingNew York CityUSA189m / 620ft481929
1 Place Ville-MarieMontrealCanada188m / 617ft431962
21New York Life BuildingNew York CityUSA187m / 615ft401928
22Singer BuildingNew York CityUSA187m / 612ft471908
Exxon BuildingHoustonUSA185m / 606ft441963
23Chicago Board of TradeChicagoUSA184m / 605ft441930
24Republic Center Tower IDallasUSA183m / 602ft361954
25One Prudential PlazaChicagoUSA183m / 601ft411955

created: 2005-09-13
last update: 2005-09-30